Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2. To Be Sure - 9/13/11

But the fact is, the thing’s a lump — beautiful to be sure, but a lump all the same, created more than four billion years ago when a Mars-sized planetesimal whizzed by, collided with Earth and blasted out a mass of molten debris which eventually cooled into the moon.”

Time: NASA’s GRAIL Mission: Studying the Moon, from Crust to Core

To be sure, several other issues are also playing outsized roles in this election, particularly President Obama’s deep unpopularity due to the sagging economyand a Democratic candidate, state Assemblyman David Weprin, who is far from dynamic.”

Washington Post: Weiner race has Jewish voters ‘sending a message ’ to Obama administration

And this, to be sure, is a must-win situation.”

AP: Charging Rays make late run at wild-card berth

"The major tobacco stocks, notably Altria Group (MO), Philip Morris International (PM), British American Tobacco (BTI), Reynolds American (RAI), and Lorillard (LO), suffered some setbacks, to be sure, but they stayed close to their 52-week highs.”

Forbes: Big Tobacco Stocks Among Healthy Standouts In Market’s Turbulent Swings

To be sure, passions on the Israel issue can run high”

The Atlantic: In Nail-Biter for Weiner’s Seat, Plenty for Democrats to Fret Over

To be sure, Best Buy has strong free-cash flow, which it could continue to put to work through share buybacks while maintaining its 2.7% dividend yield.”

Barron’s: Don’t Buy Best Buy

To be sure, a lagging economy has put Americans in a foul mood right now, and almost anything associated with government scores poorly in polls.”

LA Times: Obama capitalizes on lagging approval ratings for Congress


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